The following fragment is a guide to finding and approaching the Pastry-Fairy, a rare breed of fae probably related to the brownie or house-fairy. The author uses female pronouns throughout, although a few male specimens have been reported.

Regarding Pastry-Fairies: on tracking and recognising this kind of Winter Fae, and the dangers and rewards of approaching one.

By these signs you may track her:
by the flour hand-prints she leaves;
by the egg-shells and and butter-wrappers in her wake;
by the cookies and muffins and rolls, by the crackers and croissants and choux that she scatters wherever she goes.

By these signs you will know her:
by the flour war-paint on her face;
by the light of the oven-fires in her eyes;
by the whisk and mixing-bowl that she wields as scepter and orb.

Be warned if you approach her:
she fears neither fire nor steel, for these are her servants.
Hers are all the weapons of cookery:
the rolling-pin and the knives, the frying-pan and the fire.

Tread softly in her domain:
cross her, and she will snare your steps with caramel and blind your eyes with clouds of flour.
She will make spoons of your bones, and use your skull for a mixing-bowl.
She belongs to the Unseelie Court, and she has no mercy on trespassers.

Treat with her courteously:
and you shall never lack for biscuit or bread.
Cakes and scones shall be yours, and pies both sweet and savoury.

Bring her gifts:
and she will share both cake batter and frosting with you.
She will bring you bowls and spoons to lick,
and share with you all the fruits of her kitchen.

It is worth noting that the author ignores the more subtle and insidious snare of the pastry-fairy, which is the inherent trap of accepting food or drink from her; presumably he assumes that anyone tracking fairies is aware of the dangers of eating or drinking in Faerie.

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