Usually referred to as "Olivia".
A talented artist best known for her 'Pin Ups'. Her work has been published in numerous publications including Playboy. She also has two of her own books:

"Let them eat Cheesecake" (1993) and
"Second Slice" (1997)

Olivia's work is highly sexually charged, her images are all female and very scantilly clad if not naked. She has used such models as Julie Strain (of Heavy Metal 2000) Pamela Anderson Lee and Betty Page,to name a few.

Olivia and her husband Joel Beren own their own publishing company entitled Ozone Productions. (Get it? 'O' Zone? ha They are based out of Malibu, CA. And in addition to that, Olivia owns a greeting card company named 'O Cards',which display her sexy artwork.

She works with watercolor, gouache, acrylic, graphite, pastel and airbrush.

Random Olivia Facts

She likes vampires,bats and B-Movies.
Morticia Addams was a fantasy for her growing up.
Olivia's offical website is at
Her and Joel own two pugs.
The dedication in her first book reads as follows :
"I dedicate this book to Mom and Dad. It's their fault."

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