Oliver Wood is the Gryffindor Quidditch team captain. He is the team's Keeper, a position akin to the goalie in soccer.

Quidditch is Oliver's whole life. His focus on Quidditch sometimes overrides his good sense. When Harry received a Firebolt broom as an anonymous gift in "Prisoner of Azkaban", and Professor McGonagall suspects that the broom may be booby-trapped by Sirius Black, Oliver is more interested in getting his Seeker's broom back than in any threat to Harry's life (to be fair, Oliver didn't think that such a broom could be tampered with, not that he wasn't concerned with Harry's safety).

It was Oliver's goal to win the Quidditch House Cup before he left Hogwarts and, thanks to some excellent teamwork (a hallmark of the Gryffindor team), Gryffindor finally wins the Cup in his last year at Hogwarts.

Harry meets Oliver at the Quidditch World Cup at the beginning of "Goblet of Fire" and learns that he has been signed to the Puddlemere United Reserve Quidditch team.

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