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Top Secret

Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II
Mr. Macmillan
Mr. Kennedy
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Rusk
Mr. MacNamara
Mr. Eisenhower
Mr. Nixon
Mr. Gerter
Mr. Gates
Mr. Braker
Mr. Dallas

My Dear Queen,
My Dear Mr. President,
My Dear Sirs

In my first letter of 19th July 1960, I have already told you that I have reappraised my place in life and about my decision and readiness to devote myself to the cause of a struggle for a true, just and free world for humanity. For this Cause I will fight to the end.

I ask you to consider me as your soldier. Henceforth the ranks of your Armed Forces are increased by one man.

You can have no doubts about my devotion, steadfastness, selflessness and resolution in the battle for your Cause (which is also mine). You will always be satisfied with me, you will always remember me with a good word. Your acknowledgement - I will earn it. For this a great deal of time will not be necessary.

I have certain personal requests

(1) I request you to look into the question of granting me from this moment citizenship of the U.S.A. or of Great Britain. I also ask you to grant me at your discretion a military rank in the Army of the U.S.A. I have sufficient knowledge and experience and not only now, but also in the future I will be able to bring you most definite benefit working in the U.S.A. itself, a prospect of which I dream a lot.

(2) I ask that you should give instructions on the careful, deliberate, and conspiratorial work with me on the part of your workers.

(3) At the present moment I am handing over a series of materials which I have gathered during the last year. I ask you for your directions about assessment and about a decision on a fixed sum for this work since I have no special savings and money will be necessary in the future. I ask you to put the sum which is granted to me in an American bank.

These are my personal requests.

Once again I assure you of my boundless love and respect for you, for the American people and for all those who find themselves under your Banner. I believe in your Cause. I am ready to fulfill any of your orders. I await them.

I remain,
Always Yours,

14th August 1960
9th April 1961

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