Ole Miss is an affectionate name for the University of Mississippi. Located in Oxford, MS, it is the state's oldest public university, founded in 1848. It offers numerous undergraduate and graduate degrees, and its law school is said to be amongst the best in the South.

But how can I explain to you who have never been here what Ole Miss is to her undergraduates? It is a bastion of Southern culture, Southern conservativism, Southern tradition--which is, of course, both good and bad. Many come here from Southern homes, and so her atmosphere is precisely what we expect. Until they renovated the Lyceum, which was until then the main administrative offices, you could still go and touch the bullet-holes which had been shot in it when James Meredith made his US Marshals-escorted entry as the first black student. Yet, walking down the sun-warmed sidewalks by the Union or Barnard Observatory or Old Chem or the Library, I can greet everyone whom I pass, of whatever color, race, gender, or creed, in the sure knowledge that all of them, usually, will respond courteously in like kind.

It's a quiet place, mostly without the problems that beset other universities. Crime is almost non-existent, and usually consists in a couple of frat boys coming back from one of the local bars with a little too much liquor in them. And we like it that way.

The school's website is at http://www.olemiss.edu

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