The first line of a rollicking Irish song taught to me by a half-blind environmentalist wanted by the FBI. The song goes like this:

There was an old man, who lived by the crick,
And every night, he'd play with his-

Banjo in the moonlight, to the lady next door,
You could tell just by looking, that she was a-

Decent young lady, who rolled in the grass,
And when she rolled over, you could see her bare-

Legs in the moonlight, she walked like a duck,
She promised she'd teach the old man how to-

Raise some fine children, the girls to knit
The boys in the barnyard with big piles of-

Ham and potatoes, and lots more as well,
And if you don't like my story, you can just go to-


Ah, just as a note: Where each stanza breaks off with the dash, just continue onto the next stanza with only a small hitch.

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