Give me extra sauce,
Oh, Pizza Man,
If you are late,
You will give it to me for free,
OK Pizza Man,
Here's your tip:
A bullet through the head.

-- Old Skull's "Pizza Man"

Old Skull was one of the weirdest singing sensations since Oscar Hammerstein put the Cherry Sisters on a Broadway stage. Old Skull goes down as the youngest punk band in history to be published by an established label. Back in 1989, Old Skull consisted of three 9-year old suburban Wisconsin skater kids who sung punk songs that spoke about life, the life of a 9 year old of course. They sung songs about getting out of school, having to eat too many hot dogs, skating, riding the bus to school, and torching the family home.

Fronting for the band were two brothers (Jamie and J.P. Tolun) and a school chum on drums. Their sounds is much like you'd expect from three 9-year olds playing musical instruments they don't really know how to play. They play and sing like spazzes.

Their first self… err daddy published CD (Get Out of School) became something of a cult classic. Apparently the father of the two brothers was an established musician and connected with a missing kid charity. The CD got produced as a promotional give away. Copies got passed around and apparently someone was tickled by cute 9-year olds shouting how much they hated Ronald Reagan and banging away on instruments. They were signed to a legit record deal. Pretty soon Old Skull was everywhere. Well, actually, they weren't. But they did show up on MTV a lot and played some legit concert gigs (insert "past their bedtime joke" some place here).

They released a follow up CD (C.I.A. Drug Fest) three years later with Restless records label (which put out, among others, bands like the Dead Milkmen and The Golden Palominos). By the release of their sophomore CD, they were 12 and not such a novelty anymore. The band broke up. (Insert "working at Taco Bell" joke some place here.)

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