In California, olallieberries have become the de facto blackberry of choice for baked desserts (you're more likely to find ollalieberry pie or ollalieberry cobbler on the menu than their blackberry counterparts). This variety of blackberry was originally developed in Oregon by the U. S. Department of Agriculture in 1949 by crossing a Loganberry with a Youngberry (Genetically it is one third raspberry and two thirds blackberry). The name Olallie comes from a Chinook word meaning blackberry.

The Olallieberry looks like an elongated blackberry, and is a popular variety grown on "you-pick" farms, due to their high yield. Not only are they excellent baked in cobbler or pie, but they are often made into jam or wine.

DuArte's Tavern, Pescadero, California
FatApple's restaurant, Berkeley, California

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