A paid program run through the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada designed to help students learn English as a second language.

One has the choice of working full- or part-time, depending on if they want to continue studying throughout the program. Part-time, one can earn $4,000, and may receive certain allowances, for eight hours per week over eight months. Full-time, one can earn $12,500, and receive certain allowances, for 25 hours per week over nine months.

The goals of the program are to help others learn your language, act as a cultural liaison, improve your own second-language skills, gain work experience, all of which serves to fill out a résumé quite nicely.

The job involves work in an elementary or secondary school or, depending on the placement, a cégep.

This program is open to English speaking Canadians who have completed a minimum of one year of postsecondary education.

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