Why does my computer ignore me?

There is never a time when a user starts to type but does not want text entered. Yet all too often I start to type only to find that my computer has no idea what I am trying to do, and my words are lost to the void that is incompetency. Yes, it is my incompetency, as it is I who failed to select a text box or other appropriate receptacle, but of what use are computers that do not compensate for our foibles?

When the luser starts to type without an appropriate text area selected, a small notepad should capture the words, pop to the front of the screen, and pulse gently at the user until he or she clicks on an appropriate text area on the screen; it must be able to instantly transport the typed text to the URL bar, a text box, a post-it note, a clipboard, or any open word processor or textpad.

A computer that does not do this is clearly not designed with humans in mind.

So, today was an unusual day... well not so much unusual as much as slightly less boring than average. I got two packages in the mail earlier today, one was a bunch of food from home, of which I was extremely grateful (ramen, an italian salami, and some cookies). In my other package was the real surprise, my book from Amazon had come! I hastily pulled the book from it's bubble-wrapped envelope and looked upon it in all of it's glory, the book I'd been waiting for for nearly a week had arrived! I carefully opened the pages of the text and gazed upon... a page full of German words. I got the right book, yeah, but it was in the wrong language!

In other news, I'd taken up an entirely new workout routine. I started doing sets of 5 reps, and then increasing weight. I called it the "dose by dose" workout. After getting my ouch on for a bit, I went back to the office.

No sooner had I walked into my office was my chair usurped by someone who simply wanted to sit, inconveniently enough in front of my computer. After my rightful seat and placement had been relinquished someone unexpected walked into the office (my office is quite a lot like a hallway, this happens often), my girlfriend's baby daddy (and now ex). Though carrying less animosity than one would expect, I still found his prescence annoying (of course, he's a fairly annoying person anyways).

Although today has been fairly eventful, I don't expect much to happen beyond this point, probably just the average rest of day, eat dinner, go home, wash, rinse, repeat.

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