Teeth, snow

(not a horror quest entry, unless you consider dentistry or budget gripes insanely terrifying)

I'm getting a root canal tomorrow. Not even an easy, standard root canal. A complicated root canal that requires a specialist-- an endodontist, a profession I did not even know existed on Monday.

Short version: I needed & got a root canal in one of my front teeth when I was a little kid. There is a gap at the top of that filling now, 15 years later, way up on the inside of the tooth. (Maybe it got worn away from the inside somehow, maybe it was just a bad filling and the gap was there at day 1). There is a colony of bacteria up there and it's eating away at the bone. If I don't-- well, if a dentist doesn't-- drill out the old filling and put in a new one, the tooth is going to continue to hurt like a mofo and eventually fall out. I like to keep my teeth in my head thank you, so: root canal.

I'm not worried at all about the procedure. Heck, if the doc says I'm okay to drive, I'm planning to go straight on to the mill afterward & work the rest of the day. I guess it must mean you're an adult when dentists stop being "pain scary" and start being "pocketbook scary". What bums me out is the $900 blow to my savings account. That expense is going to implode into my travel budget for the next few months, crumpling up whatever plans I may have had for getting away for the holidays. Buh-bye Thanksgiving in Oregon, see ya Christmas in Fort Myers.

Does that mean I'll be moping around at home every weekend playing video games? Ha, nope. It just means I'll be snowshoeing closer to home, suckas. And fortunately, "closer to home" just so happens to include Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. And it just started snowing up on Kulshan on Monday. Check it out: http://www.mtbaker.us/snow-report/conditions-photos

As typical, I seem only to have time to write about the one lousy thing happening to me at any given time, and not the ten marvelous things that are happening all around it. Next daylog will be all snowshoeing all the time, promise.

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