Dear log, I know I have neglected you for some time now...Not that I meant it, but as you can feel it while I hit the QWERTY, your blank html will be no longer plaid white.But as I am exhausted from today's activities, and I feel my body disintegrating, if I don't crash in my bed, I will finish tomorrow my stories for you to keep

After so many vacillating thoughts, I am crawling towards the light I've been searching. Thing is, that at this point in my life I've figured out what to aim for: 1) I have to order the chaos my maelstrom feelings have created - this means no more sleepless nights, study and college come first, if I want to achieve the next points to come; 2) I'll go with B's proposal ; 3)I will keep it a secret to mum, as she particularly specified that I should "cut the crap with all the literature and useless stuff" - useless for her, maybe! 4)next week I'll go home to ask for some K$ from grannie, to pay for the exam tax(because of my grandpa's death, I couldn't attend the re-take of my exam, so I'll have to pay a fee of 50$ in order to take it;

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