I went to the school dance on friday (see October 14, 2010) , I had a great time. They gave out those plastic leis again. I ended up wearing more than last year. I had so many on my entire shirt was unbuttoned and nobody could see because they only saw the leis. They also gave out maracas, which I broke several of and then proceeded to have a pseudo knife fight with the broken plastic handles. It was so fun I just cut loose and danced my heart out. I got several compliments on my moves when it was over, which just brought an ear-to-ear smile to my face. I fell asleep on the stage halfway through after drinking 16 water bottles, and doing the worm across the floor for ten minutes straight. And my friend Nick got up the courage to ask out the girl he likes so I guess he had a good time too, I didn't see him after that until I had to drive him home. He slept over my house for the next two nights, the first I can't describe because I can't remember it for lack of sleep. But the second night was fun. We played football and rode bikes at three in the morning, and ate a lot of popcorn while watching Dazed And Confused and The Warriors two of the greatest cult films ever made.

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