Written by St Hildegard of Bingen in the twelfth century, this is another chant in the style of the medieval O Antiphons. A very good recording of it may be heard on Deutche Harmonia Mundi disc 05472 77346 2, Voice of the Blood, where it is performed by the medieval music group Sequentia. Please note that the translation is not mine, but rather that given by the cd booklet; I happen to think, however, that it's a pretty good one.

O aeterne Deus, nunc tibi placeat,
ut in amore illo ardeas,
ut membra illa simus,
quae fecisti in eodem amore,
cum Filium tuum genuisti
in prima aurora,
ante omnem creaturam
et inspice necessitatem hanc, quae super nos cadit,
et abstrahe eam a nobis propter Filium tuum,
et perduc nos in laetitiam salutis.

O eternal God, please now
burn with such love
that we may become those limbs
you made in the same love
with which you did beget your Son
at the first dawn,
before all other creatures;
and look at this misery that falls upon us,
and remove it from us for your Son's sake,
and lead us to the joy of salvation.

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