Numark's relatively new to the turntable cartridge field. For those of you that don't know, a turntable cartridge is what holds the needle that rides on the grooves of the record and is one of the most important parts of any setup. The Phat Track is a self contained cartridge, unlike my previous cartridge the Shure M44-7. This means that it doesn't have any small wires to connect, or any screws and what not. Very user friendly. The most interesting part of the Phat Track is the light. The light is powered by a small watch battery (CR1220P 3V) on top of the cartridge itself, its triggered by a button under the handle. The light isn't spectacular by any means, but its handy for cueing up records when its dark. The needle is replacable, and its designed to withstand the rigors of backscratching. Remember though, if your going to do scratching put the Anti-Skate at 0.

The Stats:

Weight: 19.8g
Color: Cobalt Blue
Frequency Response: 20-20,00Hz
Stylus Tip Type: High Polished Elliptical Diamond
Output Voltage @ 1KHz: 6mV
Channel Balance @ 1KHz: 2.5dB
Channel Seperation @ 1KHz: >30dB
Internal Impedance: 2100 ohms
Internal Resistance: 540 ohms
Dynamic Compliance Lateral: 2.0
Dynamic Compliance Vertical: 2.0
Insulation Resistance: 10Mohm
Recommended Tracking Force: 4.5g
Tracking Force Range: +/- 1.5g
Recommended Load Resistance: 47Kohms
Stray Capacity: 150pF
Replacement Stylus: CL-1
Replacement Battery: CR1220P 3V

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