Now and Laters are small square candies usually purchased at a local corner store. They call it taffy but I don't (and never will). Now and Laters were invented in 1962 by the Klein brothers in Brooklyn, NY and are still produced there. The original flavors were grape, cherry, banana (always the nastiest), and the out of print vanilla. My favorite flavor, cherry cola, has long been discontinued. There are now about 19 flavors produced.

Now and Laters used be 10 cents for five and were wrapped in the visually neutral wax paper. Now they come in visually bombarding colors and cumbersome 18 piece packages. I remember when a loaf of bread cost... oh sorry. Now and Laters were best kept in your pocket so they would become soft from the body heat and prevent them from exploding into shrapnel when you bit into them.

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