Ha! Now this is irony! Do you want to hear some ridiculousness? Here I was thinking all this time that I got what I wanted. A bond that could only be separated by one of two things. Death or lawyers. Or maybe both. How about death by lawyers?

And even though I was really trying not to be self-righteous or even comfortably secure in what has occured between us, I couldn't help but think, "ah...now as soon as the weirdness wears off, I will finally have what I had been waiting for."

I was convinced that I had caught you.

That you were finally mine, and there really was no escaping.

But after testing the bars of this gilded cage, I realized it was not you behind them. It was me. I was the one being held captive.

You in truth had caught me.

A way of storing me away for a rainy day, or a dreary second half of your life. Security put away for a time when things are slower, more settled. A way of insuring things are safe and familiar, comforting in the days when you're tired of playing the game. Yes, even you will get tired of it, and you know that. Otherwise you would not have ensnared me when you did. Because you knew it was your last chance.

But I know you're not done yet. And neither am I. So that's why it's "maybe too soon". I hope you understand you are not the one so likely to run this time.

You have given me a very large cage, with huge gaping doors. You see me as settled, but you have forgotten just how much I love to run......

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