A group of German artists named after the German Revolution of November 1918, founded in Berlin on 3 December 1918 and approximately active until 1932. The group was extremely open to all different art forms like Dadaism, Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, and Futurism. The group also maintained contact with the Bauhaus movement: works from the masters of the Bauhaus and their pupils were frequently represented at the group's exhibitions. Group members were Paul Klee, Oskar Schlemmer, George Grosz and Otto Dix.
While initially opened for visual artists, the group later embraced musicians and literary artists (1922) as long as they "had a firm grounding in the radical views of art and artists". The music department of the group, headed by Max Butting, attracted composers like Kurt Weill, Vladimir Vogel and Stefan Wolpe (all pupils of Ferruccio Busoni), Hanns Eisler, George Antheil, Jascha Horenstein and Felix Petyrek (pupils of Schreker).

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