First things first, I have changed my username to corvus. Last year when I renewed my activity on the site, I was a little reluctant to continue using the name because of its relation to my past life (Monkeylover initially grew from a joke with my ex wife) but ultimately decided to keep it because one of the big reasons I started back was the Decaversary Interviews. I wanted to maintain the same username for that period of time in hopes that other e2 users who I knew in the beginning would recognize me. But I have been making a lot of changes in my perspective on things, and I have finally changed it to something less sophomoric.

And I apologize in advance, but my general caveat still applies: it takes me a while to respond at length because of the voice recognition situation, but I will respond.

Next, I have signed up for this year's Secret Santa event, which will be my first attempt at it. If someone ends up with my name, I would like to emphasize that I totally support mix CDs, ripped movies, drawings, cool stationary, homemade items, and any other low- or no-cost items and will in no way feel slighted if that is what I receive. If you need themes or interests to point you in the right direction, I like:

Music - anything from Ludwig van to early blues to alternative rock and even mariachi.
Movies - quirky movies, fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties horror movies, old samurai movies, movies with lots of gratuitous nudity, classic science fiction movies, documentaries, again pretty difficult to go wrong here.
Books - I would like to learn more about the Epicureans and stoics, but if you decide to send a book (I have read a lot so this is chancy) or maybe just send a book you really really believe in as something you feel every one should be familiar with nowadays). Also, if you have an HTML 5 book you are no longer using that would be groovy).

Honestly, even a personal letter would be cool. I send letters and postcards to a few of the users here and it always brightens my day to receive them in kind. So please don't sweat it.

Well time to get up and do some stretches, I shot my back earlier in the week at an all day meeting and took off today so that I would not have to sit in my office chair for 9 hours. Hope everyone has a great day,

corvus / Monkeylover

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