Slept most of the day, almost sixteen hours straight. 

When I finally got out of bed, still feeling depressed and now hungry, I decided to cook something I enjoy eating. I'll have to node my recipe for chicken liver fried rice.

Once that was cooked and consumed, I saw the box I found in storage for a Mac Mini, mid-2010 version. I needed a dedicated Mac for working on producing eBooks (due to the software I currently use, Vellum), and to also send in audiobooks, eBooks, and podcasts to the Apple store.

Digging around I found some spare memory in a deceased Mac plus a solid-state hard drive. I installed both and then downloaded the OSX 10.13 operating system. Everything went well and now I have a reasonably decent machine for book creation. 

I'm now looking around for a recipe for Egg Nog ice cream. I have a new Cuisinart ice cream maker and that's what I want to break it in with, especially since I have two gallons of egg nog in my fridge. I need to start clearing out some stuff because I have to start thawing out my 16lb turkey for Thanksgiving. Yeah, it's just for me, but I have a vacuum sealer and I can make a lot of different recipes for turkey.

Hope your day went well. Keep noding!

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