Hi, e2. Long time no see.

Generally speaking, this year has been one long string of hard work ending in disaster, suck, fail, misery and loneliness, culminating in a forced move that may actually wind up being a sort-of good thing because it means I won't have to move in the middle of the end of tax season. Still, I'll be going from my own place into a bedroom in somebody else's place, or if things turn out really badly, a couch in Frederick until something better turns up. I'm not going into details about all this, because y'all don't care and at this point I don't care much either. Not to be overly dramatic, but the whole year has felt like someone has been systematically taking my dreams and goals out of the box they'd been kept in, looking them over, and laughing dismissively as they break each one across their knee and let the pieces fall to the ground.

There are six weeks left in the year, and then tax season will start. I just need to put one foot in front of the other until I get there. I have no delusion that things will change radically for the better, but once tax season starts I'll be keeping regular office hours and earning money, which will do my headspace some good. I'll start worrying about what comes after tax season in early March, I think.

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