"Daylogs are dumb" I said, "I don't think I'll ever write a daylog."

I guess I should try it. I still don't see the appeal, other than that it's easy. As neat some logs are, this ain't Livejournal.

I woke up at 9:02 this morning, the city bus gets here at 9:10. I made it on time and I even had to wait in the rain.

I bought a sandwich for lunch, then I ate some peanut M&Ms. I had just finished my M&Ms when I found a mustard seed stuck between my teeth. I chewed it up and now it's all I can taste.

I have two hours between my writing class and my math class, so I'm in the library reading about how to make a recirculating gravy fountain on instructables.com

cassparadox's daylog encouraged me to take five times as much melatonin as usual. Nothing notable came of that except that I suspect it's why I nearly missed the bus this morning. Thanks cass.

I realize this is a pretty literal interpretation of 'day logging.' Some people get funky with this shit, but if I was in a more metaphorical mood I'd be working on some interesting fiction.

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