A long time ago, before Pete and I were friends really, he came to my dorm. It was strange to have him there, out of context. Then, an odd phone call. Vicy's computer needed exorcising. Pete volunteered, we walked across campus to her room.

Slight rain, warm enough to make it nice to walk in. He said my hair looked like it had dew in it. I was caught off guard by everything he did; I didn't say much.

I was just thinking how nice it was when out of nowhere Pete started harping about how much he hated walking in the rain. All the damn worms everywhere. I hadn't expected him to be prim or bug-phobic. Oh, dear, I thought.

He clarified. Walking in the rain is difficult because you have to watch your feet so carefully, to keep from crushing any worms. That was when I knew I was really going to like this kid.

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