Sometimes, when I head to the men's room directly south of the Commons area at my school, I find a urinal whose contents are still yellow. Obviously, the goober who last used it didn't notice the flush handle, jutting out inches away from his face. Absolutely ridiculous. Don't tell me it's that hard to lift a hand, grab that handle, and pull it. Just because there's a swine flu bug going around doesn't mean it should make people act like swine, yes?

So, I use the urinal with the yellow contents. There's an unused one directly to my right, but I use the former anyway. I figure there's no need to be wasteful and flush two urinals.

And then it hits me. Perhaps it's not sheer stupidity or laziness that keeps guys from reaching for the handle. I mean, look at the label on the top surface of those urinals. One gallon per flush. Given the sheer number of guys in my school (and, accordingly, the number of times the urinals are flushed), the number of gallons saved can certainly add up.

And so, all you men who don't flush their urinals, I thank you for your effort to conserve water. Because of you, the school's utility bills continue to shrink by the cent. Mad props.

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