Rachel Mills is running for the North Carolina House of Representatives seat for District 31 (includes Durham, North Carolina). Ms. Mills is a self-proclaimed “American, Libertarian, Patriot and all-around nice girl”. She is running against Mickey Micheaux, who she describes as a “very liberal Democrat”.

Nothing to write home about, perhaps, but for this fund-raiser ...

“Introducing the North Carolina”

“Ladies of Liberty!”

”Their turn-ons are long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners and free-market economies. Yes, the Libertarian party has some righteous BABES! Meet them in the calendar ...”

The libertarian party’s calendar features photos of party women as classic pinups in the style of the 1940’s (i.e. tank suits).

Her bio announces that Mills “ was born in Worthington, Minnesota at a very early age.” Presumably, it was the move to North Carolina, not her birth, that was accomplished at an early age, and some campaign worker needs to be shot, as this web page is soon to receive national attention as Ms. Mills appears on CNN’s Crossfire tonight to defend her unusual fundraiser.

Ms. Mills works as a Network Surveillance Engineer at MCI Worldcom, and apparently attracted the interest of Playboy Magazine for a “Women of Worldcom” pictorial (hot on the heels of a successful “Women of Enron” feature). While Ms. Mills declined, in favor of the aforenoted calendar gig, she notes on her website that being a bunny never hurt Gloria Steinem’s career.

Update 12-19-2002: Ms. Mills got 19% of the vote in her district: pretty good for a third party candidate. Accordingly, the calendars are going for 19%-off post election discount.



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