"Propulsion continues to be norminal."

The aerospace industry has always been liberal with the English language. Since the 1950s it has broken with common usage and used nominal to mean normal. On July 5, 2017 this led to a minimally amusing malapropism when SpaceX's Principal Integration Engineer, John Insprucker, became momentarily tongue-tied and declared propulsion to be 'norminal'.

As you can hear in the original broadcast, this was not remarked upon or otherwise notable at the time. It was also 40 minutes into what some might consider a rather dry narrative. But people were listening, and then people were using it, first as an injoke, and then as an injoke that appeared on t-shirts, baseball caps, and SpaceX webpages. Now it's just part of how SpaceX folks talk, which means it's well on its way to becoming an industry standard.

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