Noel Godin is the world famous Belgian custard pie-throwing anarchist, the entarteur or "Georges Le Gloupier", as he likes to be called.

His most celebrated victim so far is Bill Gates, in 1998 but he has flanned more than twenty victims. He likes to deflate the pompous and self-important and those lacking in a sense of humour.

His glouping campaign began in 1969 when he pied the French novelist Marguerite Duras, along the way the French minister of culture Philippe Druste-Blazy got an faceful as well as auteur Jean-Luc Godard.

French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy seems to have been singled out particularly for special treatment, so far he's tasted the finest pastries Brussels can offer on five occasions.

The words of the great man can be further studied in his autobiography Cream and punishment. His other claim to fame is as an actor, he appears in the renowned film The sexual life of the Belgians. Check out also the website

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