A roleplaying game written by R. Sean Borgstrom, originally published in a Lightning Press print on demand edition by Pharos Press, in which players take on the role of godlings ensconced in a hidden realm called a chancel, who must help defend their reality against external forces who wish to see it destroyed. Nobilis is noteworthy for being diceless, with a very simple rules system, placing emphasis more on story than on mechanics. Ironically, it is much less easy to powergame in such a system (where you're playing an outright god!) than it is in a game with many more rules where you're playing someone closer to a normal human being--RIFTS, for example.

As a game setting, Nobilis draws on many religions and mythologies, but also seems heavily influenced by the writings of Lord Dunsany and Neil Gaiman, with perhaps a touch of H.P. Lovecraft as well. Nobilis is currently undergoing expansion and revision, and will soon see a second edition from Hogshead Games.

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