This phrase was originally coined (no pun intended) by the lady working the game where you throw quarters into shotglasses, at a casino in Reno (Circus Circus i believe). After stating that the game was impossible to win with a quarter i tossed a penny onto the board, which bounced off the side of a shotglass and landed near the girl running the game. She looked up, anger in her eyes, and shouted 'NO PENNY!' in a strong Asian accent of some sort. For some reason, this person was very upset with my gift of a penny even though i never expected to recieve a prize. We quickly walked off but i couldnt help but laugh... the loud angry 'fob' voice and absurdity of the situation was just too much. The term is now used by various residents of Davis, California, when one is given a penny or otherwise useless gift (or just for the hell of it)

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