NirvanaNET was the name of the message system that spanned multiple BBS systems. Somewhat of an underground network, it spanned almost 100 systems across the United States at its peak. Similar to FIDOnet and ECHOnet, its purpose was to link the BBS's across the USA, and even some parts of the world, thereby providing a system for everyone to discuss subjects of interest. The charter for NirvanaNET specifically stated that any system on it was required to follow a few basic rules;

1) Their systems must be free, and open to all.
2) They must not censor their users, but instead allow free speech;
3) They must not require 'true' or 'identifying' information about their users when they sign up for a user account, since requiring true names/addresses/etc would be construed as 'big brother' behaviour, which was not encouraged. (At the time, in the 80's, almost all the major BBS software had a questionnaire asking a users name, phone #, address, etc during sign up. NirvanaNET's point was that systems using NirvanaNet should not make an effort to verify that information, but instead let users put in false information if they wished, to protect their privacy and allow the free flow of discussion on the boards.

Further information regarding popular BBS software is probably available under TAG BBS software, Renegade BBS software, Oblivion BBS software, Spitfire BBS software, PCBoard BBS software, etc. If these links are not active, I will write up nodes for each soon.

The founding board (BBS) of NirvanaNET was &TOTSE, which actually still exists, albeit not as a dialup BBS anymore, but instead as a website.

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