Small, powerful and cute: the perfect digital camera for the hobbyist?

I've been hesitating to buy a digital camera for a long while, as I quite liked the idea of having albums that you could take out of a shelf and show to your friends, but with my increasingly mobile lifestyle, the web had to fill in the role of the classic photo album, as carrying two cases full of paper around airports was not really feasible. So, to fulfill the needs of my pic-frenzied friends, I started shopping around. My needs were clear: It should cost below 200 Euro/Pounds/Us Dollar,should have an autofocus, be robust and to be usable for an idiot like me.

As I was planning to use the pictures mainly to put them on the web, a high pixelrate wasn't really necessary. The Coolpix 2001 seems to fit pretty much in this description: Costing only 190 Euro in Jan 2003, it features:

All of that put together in 150 gramm. I have to admit that I am impressed, not only by the ease of use, but also by the multitude of features, including presets, assistants and editing software. The handling is superb, and the build-in monitor and the flash produce good results. The camera has already performed splendidly during the placement of my furniture on ebay, giving me hassel free pics when I needed them.

A nice addition to my gadget arsenal and poison for the content of my website.

Oh well..

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