An ancient pinball game from the mid-70s. You want to know how much the 70s sucked? The theme of this game was truck drivers. On the backpane of the game there is a picture of a truck stop waitress. There are blinking lights strategically placed behind her tits and ass. There are three bells that serve as the audio interface for the game. An irritating, tinny one that rings every time you get ten points, an irritating, mid-range one that rings every time you get 100 points, and an irritating, offkey low one that rings every time you get 1000 points.

West Dorm at Harvey Mudd College has like one of the last 3 surviving models of Night Rider, and they maintain it in working condition. Like all arcade games on campus, it costs one quarter to get two credits. Extra game is set at 98,000 points. Scrippsie is 49,000.

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