give me your hand
and carry forward

the thought of it all
it was already far too advanced
in the blackness I could not imagine
   those waterless wells
   those flickering pillars
 I felt an unreasonable amazement

and then I knew the marks of my whole course
(of a military chapel hung with tattered flags, brown, flat and brittle)
to witness that which here was
       and that mine eyes
                mine ears
                or any sense at all
           delighted them in spite of the hell

"Re-enter, Cassio and Emilia!
 Enter, Roderigo!"
 and attend Theseus...
 now is there a cause, but for you, jealous they are
                           for the historian, the psychologist
(though it's all right before I doubt)

when I woke again it must have been in an air tight case
Two dynamite cartridges, I shouted at them

but she lay like one who repeats mystic words
yes, I think that thou bested a devil, long ago,
in what a state of things unknown

the poet's eye, in fine frenzy rolling, doth glance.

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