Nicotinell is a line of tobacco replacement products manufactured and marketed by Novartis, formerly known as Sandoz - the drug company that brought us LSD and is still active in the recreational pharmaceuticals business with Ritalin. (Of course, some Ritalin users do use it legitimately.)

Nicotinell is available as a chewing gum of 2 or 4 milligrams. Three different tastes are available: fruit, mint and licorice. The nicotine in the gum is in the form of nicotine polacrilex. Note: the gum is not meant to be chewed like ordinary gum. It comes with chewing instructions.

Lozenges containing 1 mg of nicotine are also available for situations where chewing is inappropriate.

And, of course, the classic nicotine patches are also available. Here in Finland, the patches come in three strengths, 28 mg/24 h, 14 mg/24 h and 7 mg/24 h. In my experience, the supposed 24-hour release time is more like 18-20 hours, after which you start to get withdrawal symptoms.

Novartis claims this is the UK's number one brand. (arieh says: Their slogan in the UK is "It needn't be hell with Nicotinell".)

Sources: and the info sheets that come with the products

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