In The Man with the Golden Gun, "Nick Nack" was Scaramanga's sidekick, played by Hervé Villechaize. His name was a pun on Villechaize's small size and the fact that "Nick" is a sensible first name. He acted as Scaramanga's butler and servant, answering the door and serving drinks. He also operated Scaramanga's maze of optical illusions, in which the Man with the Golden Gun practiced his shooting and trapped his victims before he finished them off. From the fervor with which he would oppose Scaramanga's safe navigation of the maze, Nick Nack seemed to genuinely dislike his employer.
Profoundly_Slack tells me that the reason for Nick Nack's malicious behavior was that he was the beneficiary of Scaramanga's will, and would inherit the assassin's millions if he could kill Scaramanga. I had assumed that Scaramanga probably just liked that in a butler, to keep him on his toes.

If I remember correctly, James Bond killed Nick Nack at some point in the movie, but I don't recall the time or circumstances of the character's death.
Not an hour after this node is sumbitted, I've received a couple of corrections as to Nick Nack's fate at the end of the film. moodster tells me that Bond locked Nick Nack in a suitcase when he tried to kill Bond and Goodnight, and threw it off the ship they were on. Profoundly_Slack tells me that Nick was trapped in a cage, and brought on the ship with them back to the mainland of China. And Teiresias also says that Nick Nack was trapped in a suitcase, but he also says that Bond and Goodnight brought their captive back to China with them, and that you could hear him yelling in the final scenes as the boat sailed away.

Personally, my money's on Teiresias. He IS a seer, you know.

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