A bad man...

Nick Griffin is the leader of the British National Party. Griffin was born in 1959 and became involved with the far right as a teenager. He went to Cambridge University where he studied Law and was on the boxing team (although I would be willing to bet that I could connect with a hard, fast kick in the balls before he saw it coming...).

He became leader of the BNP in 1999, and set about trying to rebrand the party as a legitimate nationalist group rather than a white supremacist organisation. He has had moderate success, with the BNP winning seats on English councils and polling high in the General Election in regions of England hit by racial conflict, including Oldham and Burnley.

However, if anyone took the time to check the man's policies then they might think twice about voting for him:

- Stop all non-white immigration into the UK.
- Remove scrutiny of the police and the criminal justice system.
- Stop all humanitarian aid from the UK.
- Increase military spending.

And of course, his comments over the years have been quite memorable. He has constantly attacked immigrants (as well as native British Black and Asian people), homosexuals, and other groups he feels are detrimental to society. Recently he launched a scathing attack on Black History Month.

I've talked to some friends of mine and we've agreed that if Griffin ever gives a speech or holds a BNP rally in Scotland, we're going to beat some fascists.

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