A really cool idea: art appreciation using works by living artists as illustrations. There are also works of art for sale, periodic exhibitions, and tons of information for anyone who wants to learn more about art, starting from the question "Why is this art?" and "Why is it good?" Subsequent pages cover such things as learning to develop taste, materials and subjects, and how to display and care for your treasures once you have taken them home, written in an informative, nonthreatening style for beginners. A sister site, Editions, covers fine art prints for the less-well-heeled collector with prices starting as low as $80US, and there's a good bibliography for those who'd like to learn more through dead-tree means.

If you ever want to start a collection of something more enduring than Franklin Mint figurines or overpriced posters or simply feel like getting into collecting art, but feel unease in a white room full of skinny people wearing black eating wine and cheese, I thoroughly recommend this site.


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