The NextBase MDV1 is a small handy portable DVD player. It is not equipped with a screen though, but it has the most common output ports, including:

- Optical
- S-Video
- Video
- Audio R/L
- Headphones

The MDV1 has a relatively small form factor, about 14 cm x 18 cm and comes with a black leather case. Further included are AC/DC connector, car adaptor, necessary video cables, small infrared remote control and a case for the cables.

Technical specs:

- No region code - codefree
- PAL/NTSC output/converter
- On-Screen-Menu in several languages
- Supports DVD, VCD, MPEG, MP3, JPEG
- Infrared remote control

Additional details:

Some people made the experience that the unit seems to heat up quite quickly, even though it's made of alloy and has dedicated cooling openings on the bottom.

It is advised not to update the unit's firmware with a downloaded ROM from NextBase or certain vendors, since the only available ROMs belong to the follower model and are not compatible.

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