The New Media Underground Festival (NMUF) is an 'underground' festival which centers around general web design and Macromedia Flash. It was created as an alternative to Flash Forward, which usually cost upwards of $700us for a ticket to attend.

The first NMUF was held in London, alongside Flash Forward and was a huge success (people had to be turned away at the door it was so packed). It was held at a local pub and had a selection of guest speakers.

The second NMUF was held in San Francisco - the attendance wasn't as great as London, but it was still considered a huge success.

Origionally NMUF was named Dreamless New Media Underground Festival, after the website where the idea was convieved and used to organize the event ( It has since created it's own website located at While still maintaining a tight connection with dreamless, it looks as though it will take on a life of it's own in the future and become an independant entity.

Future locations for NMUFs include:

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