The Neo 25 is a portable MP3 player. It's main feature is that it stores mp3s on a 2.5" IDE laptop hard drive. They're sold with non hard drive, or with up to a 20 gigabyte drive. The Neo is manufactured by Multi Technology Equipment, a division of SSI Group ( It uses a ScanLogic SL11R USB-IDE chip, giving it a USB interface thats mass storage bulk transport version 1 complient.

Unfortunatly, it doesn't really work with the Linux usb-storage driver. Unless you do what I did. I removed the device class check from the usb.c in /usr/src/linux/drivers/usb/storage/, as well as commenting out the CSW check in transport.c. (Linux kernel 2.4.0). After that, it worked, so really it can't be that far off before the driver is modified so this device can be supported.

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