Neil Boland was a chauffer for The Who's Keith Moon until Moon ran over his head with his Bentley and killed him. In January 1970, Keith Moon was invited to open a disco. Boland's drove Moon to the disco in his Bentley. After the club opening Boland was driving Moon home when a group of skinheads attacked the car. Boland, who also doubled as Moon's bodyguard, got out to have a word with the increasingly hostile skinheads. The skinheads attacked Boland and knocked him to the ground. Moon, in a panic, got behind the wheel of the Bentley and drove over Boland's head, killing him. An inquest absolved Moon of any criminal wrong doing.

Boland's accidental death by Moon began a small rock legend that rock stars don't necessarily get along well with their chauffeurs. This was also parodied in the movie This is Spinal Tap. Bruno Kirby plays Tommy Pischedda, Spinal Tap's driver for part of their 1982 tour. Pischedda does not hide his loathing for the band, calling them "a fad" and much prefers the music of Frank Sinatra.

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