Composer and songwriter from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, he has recorded nine authoral albums of quality Brazilian Popular Music. Having been partner with prominent names like Humberto Gessinger, among others, Nei Lisboa expresses quite accurately the philosophy of the urban "gaucho", their concern about the way of living, social and political views.

Born in Caxias do Sul on January 18th, 1959, Nei Lisboa has been living in Porto Alegre, the capital city of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, for most of his life. Baby brother from the seven children of Luiz Enrico Tejera Lisboa, he suffered, with a lot of families from Brazil, the pain of losing his father for the torturers of the military dictatorship in the 60's and 70's.

He started his carreer as a singer/musician in 1979, with the constant partnership of Augusto Licks. In 1983, he releases independently the album "Para viajar no cosmos não precisa gasolina". One year later, through a regional recorder called ACIT, "Noves fora" comes out. "Carecas da Jamaica", from 1987, marks his partnership with Humberto Gessinger, who is co-author of "Deixa o bicho" track, and sings with Nei the title track. This album and the next one, "Hein?!" (1988), were recorded by EMI-Odeon. 1991 is the year for diversification. It is when he publishes his first book. A novel called "Um morto pula a janela" (Artes e Ofícios), which was later (2000) published in France. The launching of "Amém" is his debut with live albums. It was recorded at Theatro São Pedro (Porto Alegre), in 1993, through Som Livre recordings. "Hi-fi" is the next album, also recorded live at Theatro São Pedro, in 1988, released by Paradoxx. Nei Lisboa welcomes the new century with "Cena beatnik" (2001/Antídoto records), "Relógios do sol" (2003/ also Antídoto records), and "Translucidação" (2006/ACIT records). In 2007 he publishes his second book called "É Foch!" (LP&M), a compendium of chronicles.

Nei Lisoa also composed soundtracks for Brazilian movies such as "Deu pra ti anos 70", "Verdes anos", "Houve uma vez dois verões", and "Meu tio matou um cara".
Simone Capeto, in 2005, records an album exclusively with Nei Lisboa's songs. Some other interpreters who recorded his songs are Cida Moreira, Ná Ozzetti, and Zelia Duncan.
Nei Lisboa has been on the road in concert throughout Rio Grande do Sul.

If you want to check his music out, you can download webvitrola from his site link and listen to all his albums for free.

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