Neal Pollack was born March 1, 1930, in Boston, Massachusetts. Within five years, he had already established himself as the most promising young writer of his generation. Within ten, as the pre-eminent chronicler of Stalin's Russia. By the time he was 20, Neal Pollack had published seven books, each one better than the next, each one a recipient of a major literary prize. From the author's website,

American literature is saved only once a century. Neal Pollack has now saved it two centuries in a row. Blurb from The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature

Given that Mr. Pollack's recent career has consisted mostly of making up funny lies about himself, and that he has been repeatedly been accused of not existing*, it is not surprising that accurate and detailed factual information is difficult to come by. He was a staff writer at The Chicago Reader before somehow hooking up with Dave Eggers and getting published in McSweeney's, both the print version and on the website ( He grew up in Paradise Valley, AZ, and he is either in his late twenties or his thirties. His The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature was the first book published by McSweeney's Books. His fiction generally concerns the exploits of "Neal Pollack", his hobnobbing with the famous, powerful, and talented, and how he is the best ever. At everything. He is mostly parodying the annoying type of first person reportage that so plagues modern literature and journalism, but he takes it to such extremes that, when coupled with the masturbatory spectacle of his website (, I suspect that the splendid egoism on display by "Neal Pollack" is, at least to a small degree, shared by Neal Pollack.

* He has been repeatedly been accused of being Dave Eggers, in the same way that other Rephlex artists are often accused of being Aphex Twin.

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