Some not so interesting facts:

The museum was built in 1917, and designed by French architect George Groslier and the Ecole des Arts Cambodgiens. It was inaugurated in 1920 by King Sisowat. The building, one of the most beautiful in Phnom Penh, reflects traditional Khmer temple style and strays away from colonial influences predominant at that time.

The museum houses the largest collection of Khmer artifacts from the 4th to 13th centuries, as well as artifacts from later centuries. There are over 5000 pieces in the museum.

One very interesting fact:

The museum is home to the largest bat colony living in an artificial structure anywhere in the world. Bat droppings were ruining the exhibits so a second, false ceiling was installed to protect the pieces in the 1930’s.

Everyday at sunset one can watch as the bats depart the museum in droves in search for food.

To see a photo of the museum, visit the following address:

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