After the death of the free internet, NameZero is shutting down. This writeup stays as a monument to the internet's more innocent past.

Namezero is a company who will, at absolutly no cost to you, register your domain name and put it's own ads on it. I know this sounds like a great deal, but it's not. You never own the domain, you just tell them where to make it go. You get no hosting, of course. You can't edit the DNS entrys to use web based mail, you have to use the one POP3 account that they give you. The only good thing about them is that their servers work a lot more than they used to, about 80% of the time. seemed like a great idea

I mean sure, they register domain names for nothing, and there's certainly something to be said for that. I thought I was getting a decent deal from freeservers registering my domain for 2 years for a minimal fee, but I'm sure we can all agree that on the surface, 'free' sounds even better than 'a minimal fee.' That is how I got sucked in to the idea of patronizing this wretched site.

However, I have been trying to log on to the piece of crap all day and I haven't yet once gotten through successfully. Most of the times a dialog box comes up immediately, proclaiming that the server isn't accepting anything at this time. The few instances I actually managed to get past that initial message, the site itself was still running so slow that it was impossible to leave the homepage. What good does that do me? How annoying.

One of my fruitless attempts actually caused my whole system to freeze and I had to restart. I mean come on, sure that shit happens all the time, but you can all appreciate how incredibly annoying it is when you are connected via appletalk to 4 other machines, running several graphics programs all of which are intensely in use, and already navigated to the exact folders on the servers that you need to access.

To have to restart and set up all that shit again is completely unacceptable to me. Screw the cute little javascript I've been holding onto that wipes away the namezero frame-format advertisements and screw the list of domains I had scrawled on a piece of paper next to me, ready to be claimed as my own for absolutely no money down. Screw it all! Who needs em.

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