"Network Walkman" by Sony. It can not play MP3-files directly -- instead, it converts all MP3-files to Sony's proprietory compression format, ATRAC3. The supplied OpenMG Jukebox software lets you use your computer hard drive as a "jukebox" to store and organize sound files, and easily transfer mp3-files or CDs to the player.

Sound quality is nice, and it looks damn cool.

Tech specs:
SDMI Compliant
64MB Embedded Memory (up to 120 minutes of music, depending on bit rate)
Skip-Proof Design with no moving parts
Uses Sony ATRAC3-format, compatible with MP3, wav a.o.
Small Compact Design: 3 1/8" x 1 1/4" x 1/2" (approx.) (79.4 x 31.8 x 12.7mm)
Weighs less than 1.6 ounces total weight (45 g)
1 Line Backlit LCD Display
Shuttle Switch for Easy Operation lets you move quickly through tracks and other available functions
Uses 1 "AAA" battery
OpenMGTM Jukebox Music Management Software provided - for easily transferring mp3 og CD-audio
Connects to USB Port

System Requirements
Windows 98
Pentium MMXTM, 233 MHz or higher
RAM: 64 MB
USB Port
CD-ROM (Internal/External)
Sound Board

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