The popular queue based printing that was administered in NDS (Novell Directory Services) in the old days, is now replaced by a platform called NDPS (Novell Distributed Printing Services), which basically means that you no longer use queues, only agents (one agent for every printer). The agents are administered by an NDPS manager (and something called a broker service) running on any Netware server. The good thing about this system is that once you have created the printer agent and associated the proper printer driver(s) with it, you can have any number of clients installing it automatically, forcing it down (also uninstalling printers is a nice feature).

This system also supports IPP (Internet Printing Protocol). You can actually configure a map of any physical location; say any of your company’s global offices, and it would be presented to a user as HTML. It would show any printer that user has access to, and would also install it if doesn’t exist on the client. This will probably completely replace fax machines in the future. Instead I would print to one of the publicly available printers in your office.

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