The original Welsh name for the city of Tyddewi or St Davids.

It has been suggested that the place name Mynyw, is probably derived from the Welsh words for small man and yew yw, although equally other valid theories have been put forward.

Although Dewi or David, is often touted as the founder of the monastery and bishopric at Mynyw there may well have been an existing bishopric. But Mynyw certainly achieved its preminence amongst the sees of Wales due to its connection with Dewi and the cult that later grew up around his name. Dewi was, of course, eventually recognised as the patron saint of Wales and Mynyw was renamed Tyddewi (literally David's house) or St Davids.

Mynyw is latinised as Menevia, hence the Bishops of St Davids continue to style themselves as Episcopi Menevensis.

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