I aquired my lethal affinity to mints during my sophmore high-school year. Back before they got popular, so everyone would see my fingers covered with mint dust and assume I was snorting meth.

I did, and still do go through assorted tins of mints at an alarming rate-- about 2-3 tins per month, which I think is high; so I have many old, emply hinge-top tin boxes.

I have an emply "Pengiun" tin that has 4 red plastic miniature pencil sharpeners in it. I don't know where they came from, and I don't even know why I have them; I used PENS!

Another "Penguin" tin is stuffed with keytops and keyboard microswitches I ripped off of an old IBM keyboard. I don't remember what I was going to use them for; probably something really cool, but alas I've forgotten.

I have an "Everest Gum" tin (not mints, I know), that has assorted screws in it; but they're all those really annoying "Torx" screws that I despise using; Only IBM and obsure Canadians use these things.

Over here is a dented Altoids tin. It contains, yes indeed, old 8-pin DIPs pulled from an old C-64 motherboard. I guess I thought they'd be useful at some time. The nostalgia grows.

Behind my keyboard is a newly emptied tin of "St. Ives All Natural" Anise flavoured mints. These are very nice, and the tin still whafs their divine odour. But, to paraphrase what people say about "Foi Gras", "Tastes like licorice, costs like gold."

Mmmm.. mint dust..

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