Just across the creek from my house, there is a large building. It is, and always has been, referred to only as "The Chinese Church". As this is not a religious denomination I have ever heard of, I immediately became suspicious. Its construction began maybe a year ago (though I'm not that good with dates, probably was longer). Anyway, for the majority of the time during construction, there was a large concrete lot, next to a patch of dirt where the building now stands. Every day, construction machines would dig at this hole in the ground, then the dirt would be hauled off at regular intervals. I swear this stage lasted 6 months at least. The only thing above ground was the construction tent, which someone said (while looking through binoculars from my balcony) had the letters N S A printed in red down the side. The letters were later reported to be N S C, but It serves only to add to the suspicion. After many months of digging an underground complex, the "church" was practically stamped on top in a couple of weeks. To this day, police cars stand guarding the entrance.

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